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Welcome to Uptuition with Mr. Will

Hi, I have written and collected more solutions for the past paper exam questions on both Cambridge Curriculum and also IB, you can browse through them here.

There are also additional materials you can look through there.

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Hi there! I created this website for the purpose of carrying on my passion for education and teaching. From some of my teaching sessions, I have compiled and written concise notes with supplementary questions and thorough solutions to help the students understand better.

You can study and look through each of the topics which I organized in the menu navigation bars above.

As time progresses, I will keep updating and putting in more contents in both Physics and Maths topics.

It is my hope that through the learning process, both the teacher and the students can grow and successfully applied the knowledge they learned together for their everyday lives.

I am currently a private tutor in Maths and Physics and am always looking forward to my teaching meetings.

I mainly teach in Maths and Physics from Upper Primary Schools up to Junior College levels, in Cambridge (IGCSE/O-level and A-level), IB (Foundation, SL and HL) and AP Curriculums.

Ask away! and reach me at mrwill@uptuition.id